Monday, November 11, 2013

Revitalization of the Old Souq District, Al Abra district, Dubai, UAE (1995)

Revitalization of the Old Souq District

Al Abra district - Dubai - UAE

Spring 1994-1995

* The students were asked to study and develop the historical area of Al Souq Al Qadim (Al Abra) in Dubai City.
* The first phase included survey of existing conditions and development of all required design and development guidelines. All 6 students worked as one team in collecting data and presentation of maps and drawings.
* In the second phase, students were divided into two groups (3 students in each group). Each group adopted a design approach for the development and revitalization of Al Abra district.
* In the third phase, each student was asked to develop architectural drawings of 1/3 of the second phase proposal.
* The students presented their work to "Seminar on Preservation of Architectural Heritage in the U. A. E. Dubai, U. A. E" which was organized by Dubai Municipality in June, 1995.